Niger is 98% Islamic and is ranked among the world’s poorest countries. As the Sahara Desert advances southward, it now covers more than two-thirds of the country. Only the southwest and a narrow strip along the Nigerian border in the south are savannah grasslands. “This Muslim land is open for the gospel, and Muslims are more receptive than ever before, yet response has been small and church growth slow. Islam is strong and well-organized. The spiritual effects of folk Islam and demonic oppression are a major hindrance to people coming to Christ.” (Operation World)

Listener Responses

The messages are reliable and tell the truth. Many people listen to the programs. We love the programs on family life, the life of Jesus, and the education of children. These programs help me a lot in my life everyday. – A Muslim Leader

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  • Hachimou Yahaya


Transmission Site

  • 29 local and regional stations


Five times per week