Words of Hope is building the church in Niger through gospel media broadcasts. Radio reaches out to the people who live far from churches and who cannot read the Bible for themselves. Words of Hope broadcasts are aired from 46 local and regional stations in Niger.

Niger is a hard place to do ministry. One of the poorest countries in the world, the average individual here makes less than $400 per year. The region is heavily Islamic, and a mere 0.3% of the population are Christians. Many Nigeriens also live in isolation. They are frequently illiterate with little access to Biblical teaching. The country is, however, open to evangelism. Occasional tensions arise between the Muslim and Christian population, but the churches operate under legal protection, and there is a general openness to the teachings of Scripture. Words of Hope supporters are coming alongside the impoverished churches in Niger and helping them to expand their reach through the tool of radio. Radio programs reach out to those living far from churches who are not able to read Bibles for themselves. Words of Hope is also equipping the local church in Niger to offer computer training classes so that individuals can get better jobs to support their families.

Prayer Requests
  • Pray for security and safety concerns after anti-Christian violence related to Islamic extremism.
  • Pray for efforts to start listener clubs, an important step in further evangelization.
  • Pray that the message sent over the radio will find hearts prepared for accepting the Lord.
  • Pray for those who are new in the faith and for more effective follow-up.
  • Pray for additional qualified staff.


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