West Africa

A Voice in the Wilderness

At first glance, it might seem that the West African countries of Benin, Niger, and Nigeria are a geographic and spiritual wilderness. High rates of poverty, the encroaching Sahara desert and, in Nigeria especially, Muslim-Christian conflict, are devastating realities indeed.

However, there is much more to this area than its obvious struggles. The people living here are smart, hardworking, and dedicated. Generous donations from our supporters have allowed Words of Hope to use radio to amplify the compelling voices of local, hardworking Christians in West Africa. Church plants continue to spring up in even the most remote villages thanks to broadcasts in the region. Broadcasts in French reach educated leaders and academics in Niger. Messages in Hausa and French reach hundreds of villagers who speak these languages throughout the region.

Our West African ministries have their profound challenges, but we have also been blessed by the incredible opportunity to advance the gospel here. With continued diligence, prayer, and support from our donors, we believe that this ministry will continue to bear fruit. To learn more, please visit the ministry and country links found at the right.

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