Bhutan is a small, poor, mountainous region in the eastern Himalaya Mountains. It is one of the least evangelized nations in the world. There are only a handful of native believers here. Buddhism is the accepted state religion. The nation was closed to any form of Christian witness until 1965. The nation’s stance on Christianity has softened somewhat since then. Their new constitution now provides for some religious freedom; however, construction permits are not granted for non-Buddhist places of worship, so Christians can only meet in their own homes.

Listener Responses

Three elderly ladies have come to know about the Lord Jesus through the radio programs. They now want to commit themselves to the Savior and lead Christian lives.

A devout Buddhist for 75 years came upon the Dzongkha program while changing stations. Something kept him from moving on to another channel, and he heard about Jesus. Realizing there is a true God who cannot be duplicated in an idol and who loves us so much that He sent Jesus, he gave his life to the Lord and was baptized.

A group of young people who are regular listeners now lead Sunday worship services at their church. They testify that the program has been shaping their spiritual and moral lives. They rejoice that they have found Christ.

Personal testimonies affirm the fruitfulness of the broadcasts. Recently a woman from eastern Bhutan shared her testimony during a Campus Crusade for Christ training seminar in Jaigaon. She related that she had come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior through the Dzongkha program. She was happy that she was a listener.

Ministry Details

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(Name withheld for security reasons)


Transmission Site

  • Shortwave from C.I.S.


Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 19:30