Eyewitness reports from within the country have confirmed that a number of house churches are now meeting regularly, and that openness to the gospel and hunger for the Good News appear to be growing.

The broadcasts are providing the gospel message for people who live in otherwise hard to reach places. The use of radio in Bhutan has been very strategic. The country has always been staunchly Buddhist, and still is. Christianity meets with much opposition here. However, it is encouraging to know that there are many dedicated, committed believers who are working hard to spread the gospel. Programming occurs three days a week with a 15-minute program which includes health topics, music, and a Christian message. Two Dzongkha women have recently joined with the producer as additional staff members. One assists in production of the program; the other records announcements, health segments, and songs. Listener follow up occurs when staff visit within the listening areas; interested persons are directed to associate themselves with those churches that are ready to accept them.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our Dzongkha producer who works against many odds to take the gospel to the Bhutanese people.
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