Persian (Farsi)


Now more than ever, Iranians are yearning for the truth–about their government and about their religion. Following Iran’s tumultuous 2009 election, extensive international news coverage chronicled the disputed results and the ensuing protests against suspected electoral fraud. As Iran’s political unrest has intensified, there is now a greater openness to the gospel messages that are broadcast by radio every night.

Format of a typical Persian program:
  1. Opening musical theme
  2. Introductory announcement
  3. Greeting
  4. Persian song
  5. Scripture reading
  6. Bible teaching message
  7. Persian song
  8. Closing musical theme

Listener Responses

I have been listening for almost eight years and have been very blessed by your teaching. I am glad I can say I have found the purpose of my life as you have shared it from the Word of God. In the society where I live, human life has no value. Thank you for helping me not to waste my life because I know that I have been created and exist for the purpose that God has. We praise the name of God Almighty.

I finally received your letter full of kindness and love. Thank you for your guidance and encouragement. I get together with a friend to listen to your program. Afterward we talk about it and pray. Sometimes we meet with other believers and fellowship with them. I am indebted to you for the radio programs.

What the Lord is doing in Iran today is nothing short of a spiritual awakening for which He mightily prepared for many years.

Ministry Details

Target Area



(Names withheld for security reasons)


Transmission Site

  • Shortwave from Germany


Daily at 15:30 UTC and 16:30 UTC (30 minutes each)