Sponsor an Iranian Discipleship Conference

For many Iranians, the community formed at the Discipleship Conferences is the only experience of church they have had. They are given the opportunity to safely connect with others who share their interest in Christianity, and learn answers to some of their most pressing faith questions. These conferences show Iranian Christians that they are not alone, no matter how isolated they may feel at times, and we are able to equip them with resources that will help them start undercover house churches as safely as possible once they return home.

Every $150 dollars raised covers the cost of food, notebooks, and travel expenses for one Iranian to attend a Discipleship Conference. In order to cover the entire cost for one Iranian to attend the conference, $600 is needed. The price for a plane ticket to fly a Words of Hope staff member out to lead one of these weeklong conferences is $1500. Though you may not be able to provide the full amount needed for the individual aspects of this opportunity, every donation received gets us closer to being able to host our next conference. With your help, these conferences can continue to change lives.