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The Truth, Set Free.

For over three decades, our Arabic broadcasts have covered the entire region of the 21-nation Arab League, which stretches from the westernmost countries of north Africa to the eastern countries of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Oman. In partnership with the Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF) and Back to God Ministries International, we support the production of a nightly, 30-minute broadcast that’s a lively combination of information, listener questions, and drama, all presented from a biblical, Christian perspective. Listener response to these broadcasts has been immense. Every year, thousands of emails and text messages pour in. Says the program’s producer: “This opportunity is amazing in that we can see the response. It’s beautiful that we can see such fruit.”

The broad expanse of our Arabic ministry contrasts with our focused efforts in Iran, where the regime’s hostility toward Christianity is notorious. Our Farsi programs, via radio and the internet, blanket Iran nighty with Christian love and encouragement. Listener testimonies indicate that many in Iran thirst for the gospel. The producers of our Farsi program risk much to bring them the living water they seek.

We also support radio broadcasts in Turkey, a country where 97% of the more than 75 million citizens adhere to Islam. This country knows religious freedom, but still has one of the smallest percentages of Christians worldwide. Reaching large masses with the gospel here is an important and formidable task, since Christians currently represent such a small fraction of the population.

Please continue to support and pray for brave disciples of Christ throughout the Middle East region. To learn more, visit the ministry and country links found on the right.

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