Pastor and current Words of Hope Albania broadcaster Albert Dosti first heard the gospel in the 1980s on Words of Hope’s Albanian radio broadcasts. At that time, Albania’s Marxist regime made atheism mandatory. Listening to gospel broadcasts was explicitly forbidden. However, Albert was so attracted to the gospel that, despite the risks, he jeopardized his freedom to continue listening. Today that hard-line government is no longer in power, and Albanians can freely listen to several Christian FM radio stations that feature daily broadcasts from Words of Hope’s Albanian programs.

The Albanian field partnership is exemplary: the programming is extensive and varied, highlighted by a daily 15-minute Bible study broadcast in prime morning drive time. Other programs include a daily two-minute devotional program and a creative five-minute dramatized issue segment aired multiple times per week. Coverage by FM radio includes most populated centers of this mountainous Balkan nation.

Update from broadcaster Pastor Albert Dosti:

It has been very effective. We have heard many testimonies about how the program penetrates the hearts of Albanian listeners. Almost all the people in our church are regular listeners to the programs. They not only listen to it, but they also discuss the topics in different Bible studies or prayer groups. They talk about the messages and especially the examples and personal stories in the programs. Many listeners encourage others to listen also, particularly those who haven’t accepted Christ.

Listener Responses

In the village where I live there are no believers around me, so I have only the Bible and Radio 7 as friends in joyful and difficult times. Oh, so many times, God has been talking to me through the radio and the programs you produce.

Radio 7 is a great friend and help. The Words of Hope program is encouraging. Radio 7 is like having Jesus with me. I can listen to Christian music and the prayer team and be encouraged by people’s testimonies. I understand more how God works and that He has power. This encourages me to be stronger in my life with Him.

Ministry Details

Target Area

  • Albania
  • Kosovo


  • Albert Dosti

Transmission Site

  • Radio 7 – Tirana
  • Radio Emanuel – Korce
  • Radio Logos – Pogradec


Monday – Friday
08:00, 18:40 & 20:45