Rwenzori Diocese was formed in 1960 by the division of the Diocese of Uganda. It is one of the oldest dioceses in Uganda. It is famous for its annual renewal conference, which attracts over 1000 people from various parts of the country. Rwenzori Diocese seems to stand out in the Province of the Church of Uganda as the leader in their annual commitment to the Renewal Ministry Conferences to ignite supporters in the power of the Holy Spirit. The western diocese of South Rwenzori airs daily Words of Hope broadcasts in the Lukonzo language over the diocese-owned Messiah FM station.

Listener Responses

I have been converted to Christ. I am happy, and I am praising. Please pray for me.

Ministry Details

Target Area

  • West Uganda
  • Eastern Congo


  • Aeneas Kato


  • South Rwenzori Diocese (Kasese)


Transmission Site

  • Messiah 97.5 FM


Two 30-minute programs per week