Mbale Diocese in Eastern Uganda bordering Kenya has provided for the addition of a new broadcast in the Lumasaaba language spoken by about two million people. This typifies the long-range expansion strategy that Words of Hope Uganda is pursuing. Where applicable, these diocesan partnership include field-based program production in a widely spoken local language.

Listener Responses

The FM radio signal actually reaches out to four different dioceses. We have discovered that we need a relationship with the pastors when we put our programs over the radio. We need these churches and the dioceses to help us with the follow-up work. We need to equip pastors for care-giving; we need to equip lay leaders and local churches to be places where the can act as a safe haven.


Ministry Details

Target Area


  • Rev. Israel Muhofa


  • Mbale Diocese


Transmission Site

  • Elgon FM Mbale


One 30-minute program per week