Bari-Kuku is a language spoken by the Kuku people mainly the in Kayunga District of Uganda. Others are found in the districts of Luweero, Nakasongola, Bombo, and Kampala, and in South Sudan. They have never heard their language on the radio. The radio has helped many to hear the Gospel for the first time, receive faith in Christ, and even moved Bari-Kuku people to work toward translating the Bible into their own language. The program has also helped Bari-Kuku people find each other, as most are scattered around the country without knowing others of their own people group.

Listener Responses

I tune in because it broadcasts the Word of God. The Word of God is good and very helpful. It renews the mind.

I thank God for the ways in which the Word is preached today that we may live. We have been privileged because now we do hear it in our own mother tongue – Bari.

Most of you are probably wondering what I am doing here [at a church meeting]. I want you to know that I’ve surrendered my life to Jesus this past week, and the Bari broadcasts are the main reason why. The messages have really changed my heart.

Ministry Details

Target Area


  • Julius Iga
  • Emmanuel Bugga


  • Mukono Diocese (Kayunga)
  • Kajo-Keji Diocese (South Sudan)


Transmission Sites

  • Spirit FM – Kampala
  • Voice of Kajo-Keji FM


Two 30-minute programs per week