Bari-Kakwa people live in northwestern Uganda, as well as in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They grow corn, millet, and potatoes. When a popular local Ugandan station began airing Words of Hope’s Bari-Kakwa broadcasts, the radio station noticed tremendous audience response. Since then, additional stations in the region have offered free air time for the programs. Crediting the positive impact of the Bari-Kakwa broadcasts, church leaders have noted an increase in weekly worship attendance. Some churches have even expanded the number of Sunday services they offer. The Bari-Kakwa broadcasts are aired four times each week, highlighted by a live call-in program on Saturday evening.

Listener Responses

I tune in because it broadcasts the Word of God. The Word of God is good and very helpful. It renews the mind.

I thank God for the ways in which the Word is preached today that we may live. We have been privileged because now we do hear it in our own mother tongue – Bari.

Most of you are probably wondering what I am doing here [at a church meeting]. I want you to know that I’ve surrendered my life to Jesus this past week, and the Bari broadcasts are the main reason why. The messages have really changed my heart.

Ministry Details

Target Area


  • Mark Augustine Sebit



  • Yei Diocese (South Sudan)

Transmission Site

  • Spirit FM – Yei


Four 30-minute programs per week