Through radio programs of all types, from music, to Bible studies, to counseling, Words of Hope Uganda is claiming all assets of Ugandan society and culture for Christ.

Uganda is a hard place. Though Christianity is popular in this country, extreme poverty and lack of education make it nearly impossible for churches to adequately disciple those who are coming to know Jesus. Words of Hope’s Ugandan Director explains that while many are born into the faith, they often starve spiritually because no support structure is in place for their growth. Nominal Christianity is common. In fact, many Ugandans who self-identify as Christians simply know that they are not Muslim. Lack of proper education and discipleship allows Ugandans to be swept up into false wealth-gospel belief systems. Many also mix older tribal religions with Christianity in their search for truth. Through the support of generous donors, Words of Hope’s is empowering Ugandan pastors and churches to effectively nurture their people in the life of Christian discipleship. In the midst of this hard place, radio is bringing truly life-changing good news.

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