Where Two or Three (or Ten) are Gathered

admin India

Life for the Dogra (Dogri speaking people) community has never been easy. Although the territory they inhabit is rich in plants and animals, the Dogras have had to toil hard to earn their livelihood. Consequently there is time for little else. Entertainment takes a back seat. Getting together for local gossip at the village square remains a favorite activity of the elderly. Radio too is a source of entertainment and information and most Dogri villagers own a radio that they carry around with them, tuning in where and when they wish. Because of this portability, radio remains the number one medium of entertainment in rural areas.

Our Dogri program has become very popular. We receive regular feedback from our listeners, informing us how the program is touching their lives. This picture is a group of listeners who gather twice a week to listen to the program. Afterward, they share their joys and sorrows and prayer. There is no church in their village and these people look to our program for their spiritual nourishment.

Please pray for this group of listeners even as they uphold us in their prayers. Pray that our program may provide the much needed spiritual food to our Christian listeners and would help them grow in the knowledge of God’s Word.

Words of Hope Dogri programs air Monday-Friday in northern India.