We Must Be Doing Something Right

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Last month, our Arabic ministry partner experienced what appears to have been a cyber-attack on the system.

Our ministry partner in the Middle East relies heavily on electronic communication to connect with people. Thousands of people send emails or text messages each month with their comments and questions. Thousands more people visit the website and listen or download content. In a region where many countries are closed to the gospel, this method has proven effective beyond our hopes. So effective, in fact, that our ministry has drawn the attention of some people who don’t like what we’re doing.

In June, a location in Saudi Arabia sent 15 million text messages to our contact number in an attempt to overwhelm the system. Thankfully, no data was lost and the staff have been able to put new measures in place to protect the system from future attacks. The program website, dardasha7.com is still operational.

We must be doing something right to be getting this much resistance.

Please pray for our partners in the Arabic ministry (MERF and Back to God Ministries) and pray especially for the staff in the Middle East.