Ministry in South Asia

Megan Nollet Bhutan, India, Nepal, Tibet

In areas of South Asia, it is incredibly difficult to reach people with the gospel due to geographical and social boundaries. Learn how through radio, even people in the hardest-to-reach places are coming to know Christ!

Christian History in Turkey

admin Turkey

When most Christians think of the Holy Land, they picture Israel. Israel is the land of the Bible. The place where Jesus was born. Where he lived, died, and rose again. But fewer people realize that modern-day Turkey is home to rich Christian history as well. In fact, so many ancient Christian sites are located in Turkey that it has …

Acholi Language Ministry

admin Uganda

Words of Hope's Acholi language ministry addresses the impact that war has left on people's lives.

Listener Communities

admin Indonesia

Building the Church is done by bringing believers together. Words of Hope does this with Listener Communities )