Christian History in Turkey

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When most Christians think of the Holy Land, they picture Israel. Israel is the land of the Bible. The place where Jesus was born. Where he lived, died, and rose again.

But fewer people realize that modern-day Turkey is home to rich Christian history as well. In fact, so many ancient Christian sites are located in Turkey that it has been referred to as “The Other Holy Land.”

Sadly, this rich Christian history is largely unknown or unappreciated by the majority of Turkish citizens today. Turkey now is nearly 97 percent Muslim. Many of the ancient churches have been converted to mosques or museums. Locals even say that to be a Turk is to be a Muslim.

This juxtaposition between ancient faith and modern life in Turkey is troubling, but Words of Hope believes that God can begin something new among the people here. We seek to proclaim the love of Christ through radio broadcasts, and we pray that through this medium God will rebuild his church in the land where it was born.