Trying to Sing God’s Song

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Testimony from Mr. Sutarman (29 years old):

When I was a child, I lived in East Java. Sometimes I faced a difficult situation from the local gangster who persecuted me. I was really angry and wanted revenge. My grandfather is a Shaman with magical powers. He taught me how to have supernatural power and use it to kill people.

Then in 1997 I moved to Palingkau, Central Borneo. I became ill with a mental sickness, so that I had to be treated at the psychiatric hospital. The nurse at that hospital always listened to your Christian radio program. At first when I heard the Christian songs, I felt hatred, because I didn’t understand. However little by little I came to like those songs and tried to sing them.

One day I heard a person speaking about the word of God, but at that time I didn’t understand. The nurse invited me to talk with her, and she offered me the opportunity to learn who Jesus Christ is. For the first time I heard that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who has power to save people from their sin.

The nurse asked if I wanted to learn more about the Christian faith. I replied that I desired to know more. She offered me to give me my own radio and – praise the Lord – I got a radio from YKB [Words of Hope Indonesian Partner].

In 2011 the hospital declared me recovered from the mental sickness and I’m back with my family. We spent six months receiving catechism classes from Rev. Yulianti. Then I and my whole family were baptized! Please pray for me and my family who just received Jesus Christ as we learn how to become a Christian family.

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