Radio Listener Communities

Claudia Elzinga Indonesia

In the country of Indonesia, Christians and seekers form listener communities where they can gather in homes to listen to and discuss Christian radio programs together. A Chance to Hear the Gospel Sahat is a coffee farmer in the cold mountains of North Sumatra, Indonesia. When he goes to work in the mornings, he takes a small radio along so …

Staying in the Word

Claudia Elzinga Devotional

Twenty-four-year-old Steven has a tattoo of an eagle on his back. Steven is a dedicated hockey player, having pursued the sport all through high school and college. When his best friend on the hockey team decided to get a tattoo, Steven didn’t want to be left out, but he also wanted his tattoo to be a little different. A talented …

Hope Through Radio

Claudia Elzinga Albania

When her Bible was torn to shreds and her whole family turned against her, one Albanian woman found strength for each day through gospel radio programs.