Spotlight Website Connects Listeners

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Spotlight began as an over-the-air radio program and listeners in many countries still hear it that way. But many other people listen to Spotlight directly on the Internet at Not only that, they comment on programs and connect with other listeners. Many people find it easiest to do these things directly on the Spotlight Facebook page. In addition, these people get a “Spotlight Word of the Day,” a daily posting which helps listeners build their vocabulary. Spotlight has over 13,000 fans on Facebook. The conversations on the website and on Facebook often go deeper than just “liking” a program.

A recent program about Leo Tolstoy contained this quote from the writer, “I only lived during those times when I believed in God.” One listener commented, “I like this kind of program because when I’m listening to it I think about life. I ask questions about my life. And I always think that God is the best answer for all questions and problems.”

Other listeners did not believe in God or were unsure about his power. Yet, this community of listeners from around the world began a conversation about creation, faith, and God.

Conversations like this affirm Spotlight’s ministry. The program has become much more interactive. Spotlight supports listeners as they learn English while their comments and questions provide more opportunity to share our Christian worldview.