So Many Languages, So Much Opportunity

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Uganda is a country about the size of the state of Oregon, but within the borders of the country there are over 40 languages spoken. Additionally, many of these languages have various dialects depending on the region. Although English is the national language, hearing the gospel proclaimed in your heart language has a special impact.
This diversity of languages might have been an insurmountable problem for Words of Hope Uganda Ministries. How can you share the good news with people who all speak different languages? Despite this obstacle, the ministry has grown at a steady, sustainable pace by partnering with local dioceses. While each diocese varies in population and size, these partnerships have proven a key to expanding the gospel broadcasts in an effort to cover the entire country.
In 2006, Words of Hope Uganda Ministries began in the Mukono Diocese. As the impact of the program became evident, more dioceses sought to launch broadcasts in their respective areas. Words of Hope Uganda Ministries currently broadcasts in partnership with five additional dioceses across the country. These broadcasts feature programming in six languages with several more to be added in the near future.
Even though this strategy has proven successful, there is still room to grow. Ministry director Titus Baraka continues to build relationships with regional leaders around the country. If current plans bear fruit, these relationships will soon be formalized and it will become easier for dioceses across the country to begin broadcasting Words of Hope.
Words of Hope supports these branches of ministry through helping to set up office space, equipping recording studios, and offering training and follow-up assistance as needed. If you would like to be involved in supporting the work of Words of Hope Uganda Ministries, consider supporting the 2012 Growth Initiative (see article on back).
We rejoice that our broadcasts are increasing throughout East Africa. There is a desire, both on the part of local leaders and by listeners, that the gospel be proclaimed over the radio. After a recent trip to Uganda, Words of Hope Vice President for International Ministry, Lee DeYoung said, “We’re increasingly grateful for follow-up opportunities with a growing numbers of listeners. These contacts help to plant and grow churches. Our efforts are being enhanced by partnerships with regional groupings of churches. This deepens local ownership and involvement which increases the relevance of the programs as well as their impact on local communities.”