Radio Listener Communities

Claudia Elzinga Indonesia

In the country of Indonesia, Christians and seekers form listener communities where they can gather in homes to listen to and discuss Christian radio programs together.

A Chance to Hear the Gospel

Sahat is a coffee farmer in the cold mountains of North Sumatra, Indonesia. When he goes to work in the mornings, he takes a small radio along so that he can listen to a program called Rencana Agung (Majestic Plan), a Christian program produced by Words of Hope and Back to God Ministries International.

Sahat has access to this radio because his wife joined a nearby radio listener community. In Indonesia, nearly 15,000 believers and seekers now belong to 289 radio listener communities for worship and discipleship. When Sahat’s wife joined the community, she was given a radio so that she and her husband could listen to programs at home and learn more about Jesus together.

A Grateful Heart

Over time, Sahat became increasingly interested in his wife’s activities. Eventually he borrowed her radio to secretly listen to the 15-minute Words of Hope program. He enjoyed hearing the evangelistic messages and eventually asked his wife if he could borrow her radio. She now encourages him to take the radio along to work. Because of this, over the past months his faith in Christ has grown.

“Thank you for giving us this radio so I can hear Rencana Agung and spiritual songs every day when I am working in the fields,” says Sahat. “I feel very blessed.”

The mission of Words of Hope’s Indonesian tribal language ministry is to connect people to the gospel by allowing them to hear it in their own “heart language.” Thank God with us that Sahat’s heart has been touched. Pray that his faith continues to mature through listening to the programs.