Radio is Her Only Church

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Please Help Me

The phone rings all the time at Radio 7, Words of Hope’s radio station in Albania. But this call was a little different. “Would you please help me to learn how to pray for my children?” the timid voice on the other end of the line pleaded. “I have heard about the booklet ‘Moms in Prayer.’ My husband and parents-in-law are not home, and this is the only time I can get a Christian book.”

Teuta* is a 25-year-old mother of two. She was married at 19 to a staunchly Muslim man in an arranged marriage. She lives with her in-laws, who are just as against Christianity as her husband is.

Learning About Jesus

Teuta came to know Jesus when she was only a young girl. When missionaries came to her village, they showed her the Jesus film and explained the gospel story. Teuta asked Jesus into her heart and began to read and re-read the New Testament and Christian brochure that the missionaries left for her. But those resources were all she had. There was no church for her to go to, and the missionaries continued on their way to other villages.

Growing in her faith only became more difficult as she got older. Once she was married, Teuta’s husband began to abuse her anytime she mentioned the word Bible, Jesus, or prayer. He told her that she was not allowed to read the Bible or other Christian literature, nor could she leave the house to meet with friends. He even threatened to kill her.

Hope Through Radio

Despite her husband’s threats, Teuta has not given up on her faith. She is able to listen to Words of Hope programs on the radio in secret. Radio 7, the Christian station that airs our programs in Albania, has become a constant companion for her.

“I never went to church,” Teuta explained. “I don’t know how it looks, but I know how it sounds! Radio 7 has been my church. Your daily programs have helped me to find hope in my darkest days! My faith is now stronger, though the abuse of my husband is growing every single day. Two months ago, I was trying to speak with my husband about Jesus. He became very aggressive and threw away my Bible from where I had hidden it.”

“I listen secretly to your radio station when I’m working around the house,” she went on. “You are encouraging me to raise my children in the fear of the Lord, and I am very dedicated to do that. I want them to have a different life.”

Please Pray

We were able to provide Teuta with a small MP3 player that contains the New Testament and Bible teachings, as well some other Christian books for her to hide away. We are not able to initiate further contact with her, because to do so would put her in more danger, but she says she will contact us again when it is safe for her to do so.

Please join us in praying for this sister in Christ. Pray for safety for her and her children; pray that her husband’s heart would be softened; and pray that she can continue to grow in her faith despite many obstacles.

*representative name for security