Q & A in a Censored World

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“How can we become more like Jesus each day? . . . Do I need to follow the ceremonies of my previous religion? . . . How should I pray? . . . How can I find a New Testament? . . . How can I grow in my faith? . . . How can I have assurance that God has forgiven me?”

All these questions came from a single woman. A persistent woman called our Iranian broadcast voicemail number every day for two months trying to leave a message while the Iranian government kept the number blocked. Finally she got through to us. The authorities in Iran stifle Christianity as well as they can, but they cannot snuff it out. They censor our mail, jam our radio signals, and burn Bibles, but when the woman finally got her questions through to us, we were able to contact her in return and help her discover answers.

God will draw people to himself. Radio is one of the safest ways to get the Good News to people in such a heavily censored nation. This same woman shared these encouraging words: “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your programs. I thank God for them. Every day I listen with hope.”

Words of Hope’s Persian broadcasts can be heard throughout Iran every day in the afternoon.


Photo: Adam Jones, Ph.D