Planting Churches in Nepal

Megan Nollet Nepal

A Young Church

In the country of Nepal, church is a relatively new thing. The first church formed in the 1950s, but vast numbers of people in Nepal still have never heard of Christ’s love.

Words of Hope Nepal partners with Cross-Way Church, a church in the region with a heart for church planting and a vision for media ministry. As Words of Hope media reaches across the country, it introduces people to the gospel, bringing them one step closer to visiting a church plant near their village.

A Young Church Planter

Pasang is a young college student who volunteered to work with Cross-Way church at one of the church plant sites. First he was sent to Chakkarghati, an area where a previously planted church fellowship had dwindled to less than a dozen.

Full of enthusiasm for the gospel, Pasang began reaching out to people living in the neighboring villages. Before long, he had lead a dozen new people to Christ!

Next Pasang asked if he could travel further into the mountains of Nepal to preach to the mostly unreached Sharpa people. Our ministries agreed to fund his trip. Many of the Sharpa opposed Pasang’s message of the gospel at first, but by the end of the trip, thirteen of them had given their lives to the Lord as well!

Growing Together

Plans are now underway to plant a church among the Sharpa people in the near future. In the meantime, we are thankful that gospel radio and recordings can nurture these people in their growing faith.

Please pray for the continued work of Pasang, for the efforts of Cross-Way Church, and for all of Words of Hope’s ministry in Nepal. We are thankful every day for lives changed for Christ, and for your faithful prayers and support that make this spread of the gospel possible!