No Other Help But Jesus

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Before discovering the Dogri radio program, R. had many problems in his life and did not seem to be able to solve them. He went to various Hindu spiritual leaders for help and guidance, but always came away disappointed.

One day he happened to tune in to the our Dogri-language program and found that he could not stop listening. He felt like the speaker was speaking directly to him and trying to show him a way out of his troubles. For the very first time in his life, while listening to the radio, R. was introduced to Jesus. He now looks to Jesus to help him in his time of need. He feels that Jesus is bringing him through his troubles. R. has been listening to the Dogri program for two years now and says the program is an essential part of his life. Please pray that R. may not only see Jesus as someone who is there to help him in times of need, but as his personal Savior.

Words of Hope Dogri programs air Monday-Friday in Northern India.