Many Kilometers to Go Before I Sleep

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Radio is an easy and simple way to reach a large number of people with a single broadcast. Radio waves cross rivers, deserts, and vast plains. Radio programs cross boundaries, move through walls and ignore locked doors. In fact, radio is so effective that we forget that sometimes it is neither easy nor simple.

Mail service in Niger is either non-existent or unreliable. Therefore, if our ministry partner wants to know that a radio station has received the program CDs there is only one way to do this: physically drive them there themselves. Since Words of Hope is on thirty-four stations in Niger (both in Hausa and French), this means a lot of driving.

To accomplish this, the team has divided the country into three areas, visiting one area each month and bringing along three months of programs. They usually take the shared ministry vehicle, except when traveling into the northern desert areas which are too unstable. These areas are serviced by buses accompanied by a military escort.

These trips range from eight to thirteen hours, cover hundreds of kilometers and are usually spread over multiple days. The goal of these trips is primarily to deliver the CDs, but they also ask about listener feedback, and pay for air-time. While some of our partners in other countries can easily distribute programs via mail or the Internet, these journeys are a testament to the hard work and willingness of our ministry partners to bring the gospel to the people of Niger.