In Their Own Words

Claudia Elzinga Tibet

Gaweylon, Words of Hope’s Tibetan partner, is privileged to receive notes of thanks, questions, and testimonies from many of the individuals who tune in to their radio programs. These notes are always encouraging to read, and together they tell the story of a Christ-like ministry that is holistically reaching out to Tibetans.

One of these important letters came from a man named Lobsang, who is a monk living in a monastery in India. He wrote to say: “I like your programs, especially the new songs, teachings from the Bible, and health features. I have not met you personally, but I feel so close to you all. Your program is heard clearly in Tibet. I recently visited my relatives and friends in Tibet. Some are farmers and others are nomads. They listen to your programs regularly and discuss about the programs. They are not able to write because of the conditions in Tibet. They requested me to write and thank you on their behalf when I return to India. There are other programs broadcast in Tibetan, but yours is precious and unique.”

Sometimes it is difficult for us to know whether our broadcasts are reaching inside Tibet, because communication and travel into and out of the country is strictly limited. Reports like this one show that our programs are indeed ministering to people within the target area, even though the broadcasts themselves originate outside of the region.


A head monk recently received Gaweylon follow-up workers at his monastery. He offered them a gracious welcome, and shared the following words: “I am aware that you produce a Christian program. Some years back I and the leaders of the monastery wanted to stop the monks from listening to the program because of the Christian teachings in the program, as it would influence them. We later decided against it as the program had other very useful features on health, general knowledge, history, and culture, which was good for the monks and increased their knowledge.”

Gaweylon team members know that few Tibetans will be motivated to listen to a program if it only talks about the Bible. Also, as Christians, our partners understand that God cares about all aspects of human life and desires to bring healing to both minds and bodies. For this reason, in addition to biblical teaching, our broadcasts often include health and wellness excerpts—especially for those living in areas with limited access to medical care. Tibetan history and culture are also celebrated, fostering a sense of pride in and appreciation for Tibetan heritage.


Ngodup is a student at a university. He wrote to Gaweylon to say: “Thank you for the New Testament that you have sent me. I thank you from the core of my heart. There are many students in our university who are interested in reading the Bible, unfortunately our library does not have even a single copy. The Hindi speaking students do not understand English. Please consider giving us Bibles so that many will be able to read the Bible.”

Gaweylon team members work hard to follow up with those who listen to the radio broadcasts. They travel to distribute Bibles, literature, CDs, and upcoming radio program guides. This allows for relationships to be formed and nurtured as outreach becomes personal.

Heart Change

Every so often, Gaweylon receives a treasured response such as this one: “I like to listen to the Jesus message in your program. I want to become a follower of Christ.”

Messages like this are our ultimate joy. When the door to a person’s heart is opened and they become eager to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, we can be thankful that the Holy Spirit is bearing fruit fruit through our ministry.