Holistic Outreach

Claudia Elzinga India

Words of Hope’s satellite ministry center in Lohardaga, India, is reaching both the spiritual and practical needs of the local people.IMG_9554

Lohardaga Ministry Center 

The center was completed just over two years ago, envisioned as a building where Words of Hope radio tribal language programs could be recorded, but also where intentional discipleship and follow-up efforts could take place.

The center was also outfitted with a library, a computer training facility, a health care unit, and a bookstore, making it a natural community hub.

This ministry center is now playing an important role in the lives of the people who live nearby.

Practical Care for Kids

Recently, the center offered an immunization camp for newborn to 3-year-old children. The event brought thirty-four children to the center to receive treatments.

The children were immunized against such diseases as: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, influenza, and polio. They received antiparasitic medications to fight infections caused by tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and pinworms. Vitamin A supplements were also administered. Vitamin A is often lacking from people’s diets in developing parts of India. Getting sufficient amounts of Vitamin A can help prevent diarrhea, blindness, and anemia.

Ongoing Education for Adults

Another service offered at the ministry center recently was geared towards helping adults. The center has a classroom lined with computers in order to offer computer training classes to local individuals who have grown up without access to computer technology.

The most recent training session helped 44 students to gain certification in the basics of computer use. Thirty-two of the students were housewives, while the other twelve were college students.

The ministry center has also begun organizing seminars dealing with topics of environmental conservation. Other issues addressed include the importance of health and nutrition.

Thank You

Your support of Words of Hope is making this kind of on-the-ground outreach possible. While Word of Hope shares the gospel through media outlets like radio, podcasts, and smartphones, we also know the importance of one-on-one interaction and holistic Christian care. Ministry centers like this one in India allow us to provide both types of outreach to communities, enabling us to share the full love of Christ with those who are still waiting to hear it.