Go Where They Are

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The Spotlight English Club in Kernersville, North Carolina is growing…but only after club sponsors moved to where the people are!

The North Carolina group launched their Spotlight English Club for immigrants who wanted to improve their English in January 2011. But only a few people came to the church. Marco Segovia, one of the Spotlight English Club coordinators said,“We had approximately 16 team leaders and volunteers. We realized that this program would be steered by God and we were prepared to take this journey no matter what it took!”

The journey took the club to a hair salon owned by a Hispanic businesswoman. The participation and response was amazing! The club now averages between 15-20 students at each meeting. They also began offering the club once a week instead of monthly.  The leaders decided to incorporate tutoring and educational activities for children and currently have 12-16 children attend each week.

“We are using our faith and love to help these children in school and grow a bigger support network for them in the community,” says Marco. “Our students love the Spotlight programming. They find it easy to understand and are learning English in a non-traditional fun way.”

“Our team leaders have found the lessons and worksheets extremely helpful. I have found it so easy, and keep telling volunteers, ‘You do not need to be a teacher to help with this program. It is so easy to follow. You just need to speak English!!’ Our Spotlight Club nights have given both the student and team leaders an opportunity to bond. Both are learning a lot from one another about culture, language and God’s grace. It is wonderful. God’s love and guidance has been amazing!”

In the spirit of the Great Commission, this group of committed volunteers did not wait for people to come to them.  Instead, they went out and met people where they were – in location and need.  And together, this new community of volunteers and attendees are learning, building relationships and sharing in the love and grace of God.

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