Types of Gifts

Gifts received by Words of Hope are used for the greater ministry of the organization including foreign broadcasting, devotional and discipleship materials preparation and operating costs of the ministry. If you seek to designate a gift for a specific need or use (such as a language broadcast to a particular people group), please explain your interest in doing so when making the gift. A note enclosed with the gift would be appreciated.


Please send gifts in the form of a check made payable to “Words of Hope” to the address shown on our Contact page. A gift for a specific portion (such as a language broadcast) of our ministry should include a note explaining your designation. You are encouraged to contact us for more details on designated gifts and language programs available for sponsorship.

Checking Account/Savings Account Debit (ACH)

Gifts that come directly from a donor’s checking or savings account can be set up as a single gift or on a recurring basis for a set amount. Our secure website can be used to set up a gift on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis for an established amount. Simply choose the “electronic check” option under payment option on our Donate page.

Credit Card

You can give a gift to Words of Hope by using a credit card. Our secure website can be used to give a single gift or set up a gift on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis for an established amount. Please see our page for credit card donations. (Note: Under ‘Billing Info’ select the credit card option.)


Gifts in the form of marketable securities, such as stocks and bonds are also available for donation to Words of Hope. Very specific guidelines must be followed to meet securities and tax laws. Please contact us at (616) 459-6181 or via email to make arrangements for a gift of marketable securities. Your tax or investment counselor should be contacted to assure that you are following the guidelines for such gifts.

In-Kind Gifts

Words of Hope often has need of various goods and services that you or your business might be able to provide as a donation to the ministry. Such needs may include equipment or services such as printing, publishing, mailing and property maintenance. Please contact at (616) 459-6181 or via email for information about an “In Kind Gift”; you are also encouraged to speak to your financial counselor regarding the requirements for such gifts.

Estate/Memorial Gifts

Each year, Words of Hope is blessed by gifts from individuals and families that chose to give a gift that would support the work of sharing the Good News after they had passed away. Various options are available here. You are encouraged to contact us at (616) 459-6181 or via email for more details on estate planning and memorial gifts. We would be happy to set up an arrangement with you, meeting your interests or those of a loved one.