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Your tax-deductible gift helps support the local church around the world.

It pays for air-time for programs, travel expenses for program follow-up, Bible study conferences, radio program production, and more. Your gift helps build the Church in the hard places.

Types of Gifts

We accept many types of gifts—from cash and credit cards to in-kind gifts and stocks.
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By including Words of Hope in your will, you ensure continued growth of God’s kingdom for many years to come.
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Church Support

Learn how your church can support our work in the hard places of the world.
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Middle East


The spread of the gospel is illegal in the country of Iran. Holding prayer meetings or being caught with a Bible are offenses punishable by prison time, or even death. Your donation can make it possible for an Iranian convert or Muslim with questions about Christianity to attend one of Words of Hope’s Discipleship Conferences, held outside the border of Iran in order to maintain safety and anonymity for the participants.

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East Africa


In Uganda your support has enabled us to broadcast in 13 tribal languages, build an East Africa central office, organize pastor training conferences, distribute wind-up radios to those living without electricity, and support the local church. With your help, we are doing similar work all around the world.

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