Finding Joy in Christ

Claudia Elzinga Nepal

A Nepali man born blind finds new hope and purpose through listening to Christian radio about God’s plan for his life.

Tired of Life

Sadar was born blind. In developing countries, blindness can be an especially devastating impairment, since less resources and opportunities may be available for those who are differently-abled.

Born into a Hindu family, Sadar was not familiar with Christianity growing up. He moved to India for a time, in search of new opportunities, but about a year ago returned to his home town in Eastern Nepal.

Sadar was tired. Tired of being blind, and tired of the constant struggle that his disability presented him with.

Hope through Radio

One day, Sadar happened to be scanning the stations on his radio, hoping for some distraction. He came upon a Nepali Words of Hope broadcast, produced by CrossWay church.

The message he heard that day caught his attention, so he continued to listen to the programs, week after week. The words from Scripture that he heard offered him a different perspective on his life and the challenges he faced.

Finally, after listening to the Words of Hope programs for a year, Sadar took the next step and contacted the radio producers by phone. Words of Hope partners provide telephone contact numbers after every radio program so that those who listen can connect with a fellow Christian one-on-one to ask questions whenever needed.

Finding a Church Home

Though still not quite ready to leave Hinduism behind, Sadar had decided to call the Words of Hope producer because he wanted to learn more about Christ, and find out whether or not there might be a church near his village that he could attend.

Sadar explained that, though he had been feeling tired with his life, after hearing the gospel of Christ and how to experience new life in him, Sadar had found meaning for his life. He had begun to experience real joy in seeking after God, and so hoped to keep learning more about the life that believers can live in Jesus.

Words of Hope’s Nepali producer, Joshua, says, “Conversations with Sadar made me realize that he was really looking forward to seeing a world created by God. He had a quest in his heart for God, and the eyes of his heart could sense the true beauty of God and his creation.”

Words of Hope producers have now given Sadar information to connect with a church near him. He is a talented musician, and he plans to use his musical gifts to play praise and worship music in the congregation he joins. He plays the Nepali flute, the madal (a type of hand drum), and the sarangi (a stringed instrument).

“Our program has become one channel through which Sadar can see God’s beauty and plan for his life,” says Joshua. “Through radio, Sadar is finding joy in Christ.”

Your gifts and prayers are making outreach in Nepal possible. Thank you for bringing the hope of Christ to Sadar, and many more!