Empowered to Serve

Claudia Elzinga Indonesia

Listener Communities

In Indonesia, a country made up of thousands of islands, Words of Hope’s radio broadcasts are often listened to by communities of people who gather together to share a single radio. These listener communities offer people a chance to learn and grow together as they hear the truths of Scripture.

Several years ago, Pastor Ruswang, a listener community coordinator, traveled to visit a small community in Jawa Barat, Indonesia. While there, he had the opportunity to preach and teach among the people.

In Search of Answers

A man named Agus was captivated by the messages of the pastor, and asked many questions. Before leaving, Pastor Ruswang gave Agus a Bible and the simple instruction, “Read it.”

“I read my Bible, but I didn’t understand,” recalls Agus. Not one to give up easily though, Agus traveled to visit the pastor in search of more answers for his faith questions.

This time, instead of giving Agus a book or inviting him to listen to another sermon, Pastor Ruswang offered him a job. He needed someone to translate Words of Hope’s Indonesian radio programs into the language of Sundanese, which happened to be Agus’ native language!

From Listener to Translator

Each day Agus worked to translate devotions, prayers, and Scripture readings into Sundanese, and each day a few more of his faith questions were answered. Eventually Agus made the decision to give his heart to Christ.

Today, when asked what he likes most about being a Christian, Agus responds cheerfully. “It’s about giving, sharing, caring, and loving,” he says.

Agus lives out his faith every day as he helps Words of Hope radio reach more and more people for Christ.

Words of Hope partners with Back to God Ministries International to bring gospel broadcasts to Indonesia.