Support Required!

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 6:1-7

It is not right that we . . . give up preaching . . . to serve tables. (v. 2)

The email subject line, in red ink, read “urgent prayer request!” Opening it revealed a plea for a third grade teacher at an overseas school for the children of missionaries. In a sense I was relieved. The request could have been much more serious, involving a grave illness or worse. At the same time, the hype was understandable. The email was from the parents of young children, and generally the biggest concern they have is their children's education. It's the number one reason missionary families leave the field earlier than anticipated.

There are many education options for Americans overseas: home schooling, tutors, co-op schools, boarding schools, local schools, private international schools, and internet learning. Still, the best option in many places is a school operated just for missionary kids. These MK schools are interesting: overtly Christian, English medium, American curriculum, small classes, highly motivated students, involved parents, supportive colleagues . . . a teacher's dream, really. They are in places like Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and Yemen, where they provide important support to parents and children called to live and work in needy places. Among all the workers needed to reach the world for Christ, K-12 Christian teachers are near the top of the list. Like the deacons of Acts 6, their service in the Body enables the ministry of the Word to go forward.


Lord, move the hearts of Christian teachers to be open to serving you overseas.